Calling all Financial Advisors Looking For True Independence

Chelsea Financial Services is actively recruiting Financial Advisors in 51 US States and Territories. If you have an active client list, Chelsea could be an amazing fit.

Chelsea makes every effort to allow our representatives to offer products that inspire opportunities across all sectors of the economy. Our goal is to offer our Registered Representatives, Brokers and Financial Advisers a wide variety of non-proprietary products so they can act in their clients’ best interests at all times.

Our process is focused on service and designed to exceed your expectations. With Branch, OSJ and Technology support, you can be assured that Chelsea Financial Services is a great place to achieve true independence.

• No minimum production requirements.
• No hidden fees or charges.
• We offer generous, above industry-standard payouts.
• Ability to work in one of our offices, or from your independent office  with complete Branch and OSJ support.

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