Invitation from one of our Independent Financial Advisor Representatives

PAUL BALOG, Investment Advisor Representative

There comes a time when the quality of of your relationships is the most important thing to your business. If that is real for you now, consider Chelsea. After thirty plus years in the financial services business (including the last seven as an independent advisor), I came home to Chelsea. I enjoy a highly reflexive and personal relationship with John Pisapia. We listen to and understand each other’s priorities and I believe we view each other as independent partners whose success enhances our own. We operate with an agreement designed to foster a mutually beneficial relationship.

Before coming on board, I asked for certain affiliations to be established to accommodate me and those were quickly set up. I have ready access to a caring owner when I need it and am enjoying the ongoing development of a relationship that extends beyond just the nuts and bolts of doing business. I know I am listened to and that my place with the firm is valued. I have received phone calls from John from time to time simply to ask me how it’s going and is there anything he needs to do to help. No agenda, no quota, just a mutual concern with doing quality business with quality people. That is a standard that we both value in regard to clients and each other. If that resonates with you, pick up the phone and give him a call.

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